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Geographic presence: Nicon's product and services are based both in Greece and the neighbouring countries in the south-eastern part of Europe.

Track record: Nicon has proven advantages versus its competitors on parameters of quality, cost, experience, pro-activeness, engagement types, delivery, internal processes, internal support functions, client relationships, responsiveness, stability, key management etc.

Business model: Nicon provides IT/telecom and system integration services.

Project management: Nicon offers capabilities with in-house project managers that work closely with the IT manager of the end client. Strong on-site capabilities are proven. The business mix has depth in terms of technology platforms, service practices and industry verticals. Profile of services in areas like ERP, CRM as well as e-applications.

Billing: Nicon has client engagements that are fixed price contracts. Additional availability is billed separately.

Client relationships: Nicon has client relationships with large corporations that rank among top hotel list and the main private and some public hospitals in Greece (40% of its business). Proven ability to manage client engagements.

Offshore potential: Nicon enjoys a significant potential especially in neighbouring countries (under negotiation).

Management: Nicon's excellent leadership is technically and managerially qualified with a track record. The management structure must be well developed with key functions managed by professionals coupled with decentralized decision making processes. It has strong and experienced Marketing, Technical, HR, and Administrative teams. The management is culturally sensitive and open minded.

Employees: Nicon has employees of high quality and must have demonstrated the ability to attract and retain talent.

Scalability: Nicon has the ability to scale up operations in terms of internal processes as well as management bandwidth. In times of slowdown it has successfully managed its costs to ensure profitability.

Financial performance: Organic growth versus inorganic is preferred but not a constraint. The Company is not leveraged.