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TELESYS integrates all the information sent by peripherals in your hotel to your front office interface needing you not to monitor each and every one of them, no matter what the peripherals are, no matter which F/O software you use. Simple and effective.
Telesys by Nicon although it possesses a user friendly interface so it can stand alone as a small business PMS, actually works transparently. If you are not told it's there you will not notice. The only way to discover it, is when you miss it. It quietly gathers all peripheral information and channels them into the main PMS interface.
You can continue doing business as usual "forgetting" that it manages your PABX, your PayTv system, schedules your clients wake ups, collects and manages charges all over. All you have to do is ask for any of this from your front office software. Telesys will collect them for you. After that you can always obtain from Telesys a wide range of statistics processed in the way you choose. That alone is a magnificent tool for your business strategy planning. Finally, Telesys gathers billing and accounting info, statistics that can get your business further to the top taking advantage of your personnel's skills by just letting them do their job. That will improve your productivity through efficiency, get you more sales and better services.